TRANSNATIONALS: Internalising new rhymes, rhythms and riddles…

Integration into a new land is an uneven road, and some are better travellers than others.

Sometimes where we stand is home, and sometimes our land of birth is home. Sometimes, both feel like home.  And every Kathryn Lukey-Coutsocostas, Athens News Column 'On the borderline' 4 emailnow and then – in our darkest moments (and we all have them) – nowhere is home.

When we’ve reached this point, we’ve become a “transnational”: someone whose identity is embedded in more than one country or culture. Crossing these visible (and invisible) borders changes our perspective – and finding the balance between the past, present and future on this transcultural, translingual journey is challenging.

Transnationals the world over can relate to very similar experiences. So – feel free to comment or share your own views here. WELCOME!

xx   Kathryn


  • Type your search engine word/s, like “spathahorto”, dominant language”, or “heritage repatriate” (a term coined in ‘On the borderline’) into the blog’s search box
  • Access the material from my most recent Athens News newspaper column, On the borderline
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8 thoughts on “TRANSNATIONALS: Internalising new rhymes, rhythms and riddles…

  1. So glad to hear this helped ‘sort out’ identity issues, J. D. – when I first heard Russell Duncan talking about the concept of transnationalism at the 2006 American Studies Seminar in Thessaloniki, I felt he gave me another “family” to belong to. A very big extended family.

    • It’s a fine balance between ‘integration'(fitting in comfortably but still keeping unique aspects of your background/self) and ‘assimilation’ (becoming like everyone else), Acharya. And, of course, there’s the other option of ‘not fitting in at all’!

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